Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Keeping myself together

I've had a box of semi-permanent hair dye sitting in my room for MONTHS and finally decided to use it. I bought it planning on dyeing the bottom half of my hair but never got around to it till last week. I've never dyed my hair before so this was an amusing experience. I just really wanted a change in my hair since I'm trying to see how long I can go without cutting it so I can donate again. I donated 13 inches of hair a while back.

I didn't want to bleach my hair since I try to donate my hair whenever it gets long and bleached hair can't be donated. Plus I was aiming for a subtle purple tone and heard that some people dye over their natural hair with success, my hair is pretty light brown so I though it would work. I left the hair dye on for an hour (again I don't have much experience with dyeing hair other than dyeing my best friend's hair darker once.) Once all was done and I washed out the dye there was no real visible change unless my hair was in direct sunlight so I am very bummed about that. I want to try it again maybe with a different brand and leave it on for a lot longer. Maybe it'll work? I need someone who has experience in colorful hair dyeing hahah.

I like how dark it looks here but without good lighting you can't tell. Everyone at work didn't even notice since our restaurant is dimly lit. Plus by the first washing it already faded way more.

This is how it looks standing right in front of my window. It look so fucking awesome I wish it looked that was no matter what ugg. Oh well round 2 is coming soon!

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