Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dear Sandy go away

It's been dark, gloomy, and rainy all day here in Miami. The good news is it's been in the 70s all day but the humidity has been at 76% and cold rain plus high humidity is not fun.

I left the house earlier to drive The BestF to work and it felt awful outside also after entering my neighborhood through the back entrance, since traffic is always blocking the main entrance during rush hour, I came across a massive fallen tree blocking my pathway. I stopped to take a picture of it (from inside my car of course it was raining too much) and a security guard comes out and starts instructing me that I couldn't drive that way and needed to turn around... as if the giant tree in front of me wasn't obvious enough. Thank you security man if you hadn't pointed out I was just going to sit there baffled waiting for it to move.
Kind of far but you get the idea.
I want the rain to stop and the Miami version of cold weather to begin. Hopefully the weather is decent for Halloween. I can't afford going out and buying a costume so I'm experimenting with zombie makeup with whatever makeup I have at home. Wish I had the time to put more work in to my costume and money to spend but you've got to work with what you have.

I am debating between starting my new book or watching a movie. Maybe read for a while then pick a movie I haven't seen in a long time to watch?

This week hasn't been very eventful. I just drag myself out of bed everyday and get things done with the exception on the past two days I've just stayed curled up in bed being on slightly productive. But today's highlight is I finished The Kite Runner, got caught up with some of my shows and today I will be starting to read Divergent!!  Yes reading a new book is basically the highlight of my week.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A shared fascination with Steampunk!

There may or many not be a lot of incoherent rambling on this post but I'll go ahead and blame it on studying for midterms all day. Plus I'm not entirely no one reads this so I'm just rambling on to myself.. and Nia. NIA read this so I feel less pathetic!!!

A while back I became completely fascinated and with the world of Steampunk. I plan on dressing up in Steampunk attire whenever I finally get the chance to go to my first CON. If I had the time and/or money I would be spending all of it on awesome Steampunk related project especially  the ones over on Epbot. Did I ever mention how amazing and talented the creator of the site, Jen and her husband John are??!! Seriously they're both so talented I wish I was their neighbor so I could spend my nights cooking up super awesome projects with Jen. it's not like I go out at night anyway haha!! She inspires me just as much TheBloggess does. Here is where I sound like a crazy fangirl O.o. Oh and she lives here in Florida fools!!!

My boyfriend has also developed an interest for the Steaminess the past year or so. He wants to have a house with a slight Steampunk vibe someday. We always send each other random things over Facebook, Steampunk goodness, dog pictures and articles, Doctor Who goodness, etc. Today he sent me a link to this Amazing Steampunked House. The article on it was written back in March and I'm sure it's been traveling the web for a long time but this is the first I see of it. Yes I know I'm probably late on this discovery but that's nothing new. Either way the house is pretty sweet!

I also love how the owners of the home Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum run a Victorian Home Restoration/Steampunk home design company.

I love the Victorian feel. I spent most my Childhood in North Carolina and my grandparents had me in and out of antique stores and old Victorian homes and buildings and I absolutely LOVED the history behind it all. Click on the article to see some nifty picture of the home and Modern Victorian style!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Keeping myself together

I've had a box of semi-permanent hair dye sitting in my room for MONTHS and finally decided to use it. I bought it planning on dyeing the bottom half of my hair but never got around to it till last week. I've never dyed my hair before so this was an amusing experience. I just really wanted a change in my hair since I'm trying to see how long I can go without cutting it so I can donate again. I donated 13 inches of hair a while back.

I didn't want to bleach my hair since I try to donate my hair whenever it gets long and bleached hair can't be donated. Plus I was aiming for a subtle purple tone and heard that some people dye over their natural hair with success, my hair is pretty light brown so I though it would work. I left the hair dye on for an hour (again I don't have much experience with dyeing hair other than dyeing my best friend's hair darker once.) Once all was done and I washed out the dye there was no real visible change unless my hair was in direct sunlight so I am very bummed about that. I want to try it again maybe with a different brand and leave it on for a lot longer. Maybe it'll work? I need someone who has experience in colorful hair dyeing hahah.

I like how dark it looks here but without good lighting you can't tell. Everyone at work didn't even notice since our restaurant is dimly lit. Plus by the first washing it already faded way more.

This is how it looks standing right in front of my window. It look so fucking awesome I wish it looked that was no matter what ugg. Oh well round 2 is coming soon!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Because Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite movie and it 's Halloween AND Amy Lee's voice will always give me chills.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cleaning spree.

Although today consisted of laying in bed being useless and gloomy today I forced myself to get up early and stay productive I went on a cleaning spree scrubbing my bathroom and cleaning my room. I was going to try and clean out all my drawers and closet again but I just started getting so tired. My bathroom really needed a a good cleaning. 

I also made a donation for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I actually hate the color pink but when it's for such a good cause such as Breast Cancer I'll give pink a try. Plus these tumbler cups are great for coffee and smoothies. I always try to give every year even though I'm VERY tight on money right now which is scary since the holidays have started. Remember on top of it being one of the best months of the year October is also Breast Cancer Awareness so show your support for the cure.

Celebration cruise ship

This is the last of post about my weekend cruise that I'm reporting to no one in particular than myself probably but I just really wanted to write about the entertainment.

After getting back on to the ship we changed out of our beach clothes and watched as we sailed away from the dock. We had our dinner reservation at 8pm but also wanted to catch the beginning of the show at 9pm so BestF and I decided to catch a bit of the 7:15 show before dinner. Luckily we all ate with enough time to get to the 9pm show early so basically we saw two of the performers twice. 

It wasn't nice enough out to photograph the island as we sailed away so Best decided to test her camera out with me and lighting I don't have all those photos.

Now to the fun stuff. The first performer was Dario 'El Gaucho' a comedian born in Argentina and now based here in Miami. He is hilarious with his accent and facial expressions he also does some pretty crazy tricks with two boledoras rope with ball attached to the end. Between his comedic lines and just the expressions he made we were definitely laughing. I couldn't find an exact link to him just links to different agencies or casinos that feature him. But you can just Google him to find more information and one or two videos.
I would have knocked myself out with those things!
The guy on stage had a cigarette in his mouth and El Gaucho was trying to knock it out. I though this guy was going to pee himself.

The next performer is Russian acrobat Kirill Rebkovets. He performers with a giant cube and does a rolla bolla act that is crazy. The whole time we kept gasping I thought he was going to fall and break something. Apparently he's traveled all over the world including with Cirque du Soleil and is now based in Orlando Florida. I give this guy major props although I slightly hate him because he's more flexible and me and has major balance and coordination skills which I lack.

I haven't been able to raise my leg that high since high school.  ESPECIALLY on a rolling cylinder tube!!
I've always had a love for dancers and crazy performers so when I went to see Cirque de Soleil's Corteo a couple years ago when they came to Miami I was hooked. There was nothing like it to me. My goal is to see as many of their shows before I die.  Kirill made me feel like I was back at CdS show.
Oh come on man!
AT this point everyone in the audience was holding there breathe it was pretty amusing.
The other performers I didn't get pictures of but other performers included: Tom McTiernan a comedian who I believe has been on Comedy Central before. Kier a Comedian/Impressionist. Tricia Kelly whose is an actress/singer with a very talented voice.

Then the night was finished with a Caribbean Idol semi final contest in which the winner was placed in the finals this month where they'll come back to the cruise and compete for a $10,000 cash prize. This was followed by an adult scavenger hunt (funniest thing in the world to watch.) Then dancing and drinking for the rest of the night although I called it a night after the scavenger hunt because I was very tired. I kind of wish I was still on that cruise because being back to reality and bills already has me worn out.
So that happened...
Oh and that...