About Me

Random things about myself

I'm a Misfit
Somewhat of a nerd
I'm in my 20s  and only 5'0ft tall. My small stature makes people think I'm younger than I am. I hate it. 
Living in this oh so lovely city know as Miami.. for now
Full time college student working in the restaraunt business. Slowly loosing my tolerance for humans.
Sometimes I like animals way more than I like people. Living in Miami and working in the biz can make this even more factual. 
I love craft beers and wine.. any wine really
I can't go a day without eating chocolate... it's my crack.
I love food also it's my other crack.
Doctor Who, True Blood, Weeds, Torchwood, Leverage etc...
I enjoy reading a lot.
I'm hoping to be able to tell my story of my twisted web of a life, Once I find the strength.

This is my 2 year old 85+lb mix Malikai. A.k.a my child. No we have no idea what he is but for a big ol' goofy mutt he definitely lives the good life. Yes the boyfriend and I are dog people. You've been warned.


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