Saturday, September 29, 2012

That feeling

I wanted to continue documenting my weekend vacation but I just don't want to write or do anything really right now. I started getting really tired when I got home from work and decided I did not want to go out tonight. Then again I never want to go out anymore. I've been fighting this weird feeling all day it's hard to put in words. I'm just so tired and just want to lay in bed and stare blankly at a movie or finish my book but I;m also too tired for that. Ugg nothing amusing to write today. I'm just so tired, all the time.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Weekend in the Bahmas

Cruise continued. All pictures were either taken with my  phone or my friend's camera. We got to Freeport at 7am and sadly the weather wasn't looking too lovely the whole bus ride to the resort was a bit gloomy and it was sprinkling but once we got to the market the rain let up a bit and by the time we went into the resort the rain stopped completely and some sun shined through the clouds the rest of the day.
View from our room on the ship. 7am
We did the city tour which includes stopping at a very small market near the port which had more than half it's stands closed on Sundays. The bus then drops you off at the Port Lucaya Market which is a pretty big market right outside the Lucaya hotel. Luckily the majority of these stores were open. After spending time at the market you can then walk over to the Grand Lucaya Resort and enjoy a free lunch then lay around their pools and enjoy the private beach.
Some of the stands at Port Lucaya Markey
My thoughts of the tour of Freeport... I didn't exactly love it. I felt like I was still In Florida. If you ever been to the Florida Keys, Miami, or various other parts of Florida, then you've been to Freeport. It looked so much like different parts of Miami. Same native trees and plants that I can find where I live. There is no wildlife other than curly tailed lizards. They also don't have any restrictions on building homes so they can take 6 years to build a house so you see a lot of flat empty land and half built houses. It kind of has an appearance of either being torn down or just being built.

There was a another tour option that was exactly like the one we did minus the tour of the city. The bus drives you straight to the market and Resort. It's also $20 cheaper and still includes the free lunch. So if you're from Florida or maybe already seen other islands in the Bahamas then the city tour isn't really vital. Also almost the whole island is closed on Sundays. But I still did enjoy the market and resort. Some fo the market items were very unique and some were they type you find at any tourist stop. shot glasses, wood carvings, handmade objects, T-shirts etc.
The awesome private beach and pool at the resort.

I really like the infinity pool looking over the beach it was very relaxing. Also not that many people since there were so many excursions to do on the island and summer break is over. We layed around the pool for a bit then went down on  to the beach and spent the rest of the day there until it was time to board the bus again and head back to the ship.
Starfish some of the locals were catching and selling.

This guy and his friend were walking around with Starfish so I asked to see on and my Best somehow managed to make friends with us and they ended up for a long time.. was kind of weird but amusing. Although the way the other guy was looking at me I suddenly wanted to wrap myself in a potato sack O.o

After the day on the beach it was back to the ship. this post is too long so installment number 2 comes later tonight.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bahama Celebration weekend.

I spent Saturday till Monday on a cruise to Freeport in the Bahamas. Although the weather was mostly rainy with minimal sun it was still a very enjoyable mini vacation although I only wish it could have lasted longer.

Saturday we took the 1 1/2 hour drive to Port of West Palm Beach. We took this trip on Bahamas Celebration Cruise Lines. We discovered the cruise line when my best friend snagged a deal for the trip on Groupon. The ship was smaller than Royal Caribbean ( only other cruise I have even been on and have to compare to) but seeing as they mostly just specialize on short weekend cruise where other ships such as RC are meant for 4-6 day trips, it was still a good size and pretty comfortable.
Nia playing with her camera while we had lunch. We DEFINITELY overstuffed ourselves
We  got there around 12pm for the lunch but the ship did not leave port until about 6pm. So Saturday night we got all dressed up and had dinner at the Crystal room followed by going to see a show (all the performers were amazing) then went to the casino for drinks. 

The Crystal room is one of the nicer of the 3 restaurants included in your cruise package. The attire calls for a dress code of collared shirts, slacks and dresses, etc. (although they did not enforce it all. It was just recommended) I was not a 100% crazy over the food there. It wasn't bad but wasn't super great and the whole place seemed over whelmed. Although I really liked their soups and the appetizers and Tiramisu were pretty good. The drinks were pretty good although I didn't really have much the whole trip because they can get pretty pricey.
Awkward what do I do with my hands pose.
The trip to the island was pretty calm or I was just really really tired and we arrived at Freeport at 7am. To rainy cloudy weather.
View of the port in Bahamas from our window. Taken with my phone

I'm still trying to get all the pictures from my friends and the names of the performers so hopefully I will have that by tomorrow so I will end this post with a picture of me making my seductive face.
Attractive yes?

Back to reality

I just got back from my 2 day 2 night cruise on Bahama Celebration Cruise lines. Although the weather was rainy for the most part and we barely saw the sun we still had a great time and wished it could have been a longer trip but we all have real lives to get back to. So today I'm trying to get myself back to normal schedule. I will write all about the trip later once I get all the pictures and have a chance. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Bahamas here I come

I can hardly contain my excitement. Leaving Miami to drive to Wast Palm at 10am then boarding the ship and disconnecting from the world until Monday. Then It's back to classes and working as much as possible to make up for the money that goes in to this trip.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oh Pottermore

The next chapters of Pottermore have finally opened up! Although I hate how long it takes for new things to open it up I guess it's a good thing because if not I'd spend way too much time glued to my computer than I already do.
Okay time to explore.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Father of the year

My fridge is empty

and I'm starving. I'm also very broke due to the weekend trip to the Bahamas( the things I do for my best friends *sigh*)and wont be able to do real groceries until the first of next month... I'm not sure how to handle this situation. Oh look bread, ramen noodles, peanut butter, and eggs that may have gone bad... I can make this work until the 1st of the month...right? October can't come soon enough -__-

New beer

I enjoy drinking good beers and wines... almost any wine really.. except boxed I'm classier than that hahah. I drink beer to enjoy the taste I'm not a fan of going out and get super drunk I just hate the feeling the next day. Although I have had my fare share of getting drunk... it's never pretty. I also hate vodka, seriously. It messes up my stomach and I just don't enjoy it so i don't many mixed drinks. Give me beer or wine or even whiskey and day!

At the sports bar I work at we have a very good craft beer selection and all out bartenders are beer people. They all know I share an interest in beer so they usually have one for me to try after my shift, either from our own selection we sell or one they brought from their own stash. This is why I like my job muahahah! This is today's beer.
I took this with my phone and the lighting at the bar is pretty dim so it's an awful photo but still.
Fat Tire amber ale by New Belgium Brewing Company. It's a pretty good medium bodied beer. It's got a nutty caramel aroma. Not my top 5 beers but still very good. Wish I has a better picture of it.

Work was very slow today so I spent my shift at work talking about beer and the cultures of Miami with some regulars sitting at the bar, once they left I started reading A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. I started reading it last Christmas when I flew to see my family in Philly but my Mom bought me a Kindle so I put it down and between reading so many books, both in actual book form and on my Kindle, I hadn't been able to pick it back up. it's pretty interesting but the writing style is getting to me a bit but I am hoping to make time to finish it.

Monday, September 17, 2012

That's how I felt about a lot of the people at work the past two days. Sometimes I wonder if people listen to themselves when they speak. Of course working at a sports bar during football gamesI'm also amazed people don't use common sense in restaurants. Some questions I understand but some… seriously come on people !!  Also don't give the people who handle your food such a hard time. For one thing… they handle your food and second I'm sure you wouldn't want us walking in to your job giving you a hard time.  Honestly working in the restaurant business can be very stressful especially if its very busy. 

I can't wait till the Bahamas on Saturday. Now I need to go finish watching The Fifth Element. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Le French

French tourist+ field trip to the Everglades+ language barrier+ confused 5th graders= The time I was ALMOT Kidnapped by french people.. kind of.. not really..

I've known my Best Friend for almost 10 tears and in those years we have gone through so much. Even though she knows me better than anyone else, even myself we still always have stories to share from time before we were friends. So she wasn't exactly surprised with the French story. I also need to document it before my imagination turns it into a battle of life and death tale.

Text between me and my BF(Nia) that started off with me talking about one of my professors who has an EXTREMELY thick french accent:

ME: Like that time I was almost kidnapped by french people, It's like their plotting against me.
NIA:.... Kidnapped..? O.o
ME: 5th grade+ everglades field trip+ french tourist= bad.
NIA: WTF Kathy!
ME: Well the guy put his arms tightly around mine and this other girls shoulders and his wife pulls out a camera and is all 'picture picture' So they started taking pictures and we tried squirming away but the guy was all ' no no take picture' (and he wouldn't let go!)
NIA" Weirdos!
ME: & I'm pretty sure he started baking up slowly leading us to an unmarked van but then our teacher finally figured out how a head count works and rescued us before we became their american slaves.
Nia: Wow
Me: ..Okay so maybe the unmarked van and Amerian slave part isn't true.. and I might have made it seem 20x more intense but hey! to a 5th grader that shit crazy!
Nia: Figured

Moral of the story... Language barriers, they make things awkward

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

10 points for the nerd world!!

To the Star wars Cantina song

Also needs to be seen: this Uranium Ore for sale on Amazon The list of  "Customers Who Viewed This Also Viewed" is pretty funny BUT you need to read through the customer reviews. The references they make are hilarious.

"GREAT SCOTT!! This product is amazing! But please, whatever you do, DO NOT expose this product to 1.21 Gigawatts. The future of mankind depends on it!"

" I would have given this product 5 stars for the teeth and the project on embracing diversity, but I deducted one star because of the giant mutant ants."