Thursday, December 6, 2012

Commence the shopping

I just spent a little over $330 on car maintenance the other day. It was awful. Because of this I've been slowly spreading out my Christmas shopping. Today i'm going by Joann's to get a few materials to make Christmas cards because regular cards are freaking expensive!! I've also been looking at gifts online for most people and instead of actually buying anything my wishlist on Etsy  & Amazon keeps growing O.o Luckily my depressing bank account keeps me from spending. I also have no idea what to get The best friend since she leaves to the Navy on Tuesday(seriously un-amused) She can't take anything boot camp so I might just get her a gift and when boot camp is over and they station her I'll just ship it with all her other things I'll be sending her. I made an appointment with a Psychologist... sort of.  Ugg too many other things I don't want to think about going on. Kathy needs wine.. or beer.