Friday, November 23, 2012

Thankful distractions.

Had a minor panic attack thanks to the whole 'big empty house, strange noises, and over protective dog that barks at any noise' thing so I'm going to distract myself from the possibility that someone might break in while I'm sleeping. Anyone who follows me on Twitter probably thinks I'm nuts with what I'm posting. Isn't that the point of Twitter? Post random ridiculous-ness?

My mother and stepfather came down from Philly and we had Thanksgiving dinner with the family at my uncle's new place in Hollywood beach. The house is amazing. It's an old house built in 1952 with a very Art Deco feel on the outside and cozy slightly updated bungalow vibe inside. Although the house is considered a historic home my uncle doesn't want to keep it registered as one because once you do  it is a HUGE hassle to get any work done on it (and the house is in major need of new windows and doors especially since the original ones are not hurricane proof) They live in walking distance from the beach in an amazing area. I will definitely need to visit them more often!!

Today was all about good food,  family, and being happy with what you have. So because it seems like the thing to do and I need to keep myself distracted I present to you a random list of things I am thankful for. In no specific order.

I am thankful for...

The delicious Banana bread my mother brought me from Key West

A dog who warns me when strange noises occur around the house & who can scare people away with his big loud bark.

The possibility to watch any TV series online in one night. (also a curse)

A comfy bed to sleep in

British TV shows

Writers with creative minds

The fact that real hard copy books are still available

My dysfunctional family.... most of it.

All the misfits in the world

The few friends who have stayed by my side through all the madness

Red velvet cake

Craft beers

The few good people left on this planet

and much much more. Life had been... eventful? over the years and sometime I felt/feel like it's all just too much but compared to many other my life problems are nothing. There is always someone who has it so much worse. Try to remember the little good things because if you dwell on the bad , trust me when I say it will destroy you from the inside out and dig you in to a deep dark hole.
Cheers to the misfits, silver ribbon warriors, and anyone fighting a very hard battle no matter what for. Chin up and keep fighting there is still good in this world.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Elections are over

They're over but I'm still avoiding Fbook for a few days because now all the real stupidity starts. Although it is helping with the spring cleaning i'm doing on Fbook where i'm deleting "friends" who I don't even speak too or who just fill my news feed with stupidity.

 It was bad enough during election time people forcing their beliefs and views on you. Seriously on the way to work the other day there was a crowd in the middle of the street across from a voting location holding up signs declaring "vote Romney" and "Fire Obama". FIRST, It was traffic hour get off the roads and banging pots and pans together and waving your signs at our windows while were stuck at a red light will not make us vote for your guy! Second seriously get off the damn road this is Miami where people can't drive you're asking to get run over, just sayin'.

Now that elections are over though are people whining like children about Obama getting a second term and attacking those who supported him. It's never right to be rude and obnoxiousness or  to attack people who don't share your beliefs. If the tables had turned these people would have expected us to stay quiet and accept Romney. I do not like politics honestly and I understand if this isn't the president you wanted. You're entitled to your own opinion and beliefs but don't stomp your feet like a child and be hurtful to those who don't see it your way. We all need to pull together and remember to just be proud of our country not turn against each other.

Again I don't like talking about politics but I'm just getting annoyed of all the stupidity and dramatic ness. Someone actually said they hope the movie 2012 actually happens this year so we don't have to live in a world where Obama is president... Seriously just move out of the country don't wish death and destruction on the rest of us fool!  My ass is not down for  the end of the world. So everyone get the hell along and stop attacking each other or I will throw pineapples.