Thursday, October 18, 2012

A shared fascination with Steampunk!

There may or many not be a lot of incoherent rambling on this post but I'll go ahead and blame it on studying for midterms all day. Plus I'm not entirely no one reads this so I'm just rambling on to myself.. and Nia. NIA read this so I feel less pathetic!!!

A while back I became completely fascinated and with the world of Steampunk. I plan on dressing up in Steampunk attire whenever I finally get the chance to go to my first CON. If I had the time and/or money I would be spending all of it on awesome Steampunk related project especially  the ones over on Epbot. Did I ever mention how amazing and talented the creator of the site, Jen and her husband John are??!! Seriously they're both so talented I wish I was their neighbor so I could spend my nights cooking up super awesome projects with Jen. it's not like I go out at night anyway haha!! She inspires me just as much TheBloggess does. Here is where I sound like a crazy fangirl O.o. Oh and she lives here in Florida fools!!!

My boyfriend has also developed an interest for the Steaminess the past year or so. He wants to have a house with a slight Steampunk vibe someday. We always send each other random things over Facebook, Steampunk goodness, dog pictures and articles, Doctor Who goodness, etc. Today he sent me a link to this Amazing Steampunked House. The article on it was written back in March and I'm sure it's been traveling the web for a long time but this is the first I see of it. Yes I know I'm probably late on this discovery but that's nothing new. Either way the house is pretty sweet!

I also love how the owners of the home Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum run a Victorian Home Restoration/Steampunk home design company.

I love the Victorian feel. I spent most my Childhood in North Carolina and my grandparents had me in and out of antique stores and old Victorian homes and buildings and I absolutely LOVED the history behind it all. Click on the article to see some nifty picture of the home and Modern Victorian style!

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