Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Cleaning spree.

Although today consisted of laying in bed being useless and gloomy today I forced myself to get up early and stay productive I went on a cleaning spree scrubbing my bathroom and cleaning my room. I was going to try and clean out all my drawers and closet again but I just started getting so tired. My bathroom really needed a a good cleaning. 

I also made a donation for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I actually hate the color pink but when it's for such a good cause such as Breast Cancer I'll give pink a try. Plus these tumbler cups are great for coffee and smoothies. I always try to give every year even though I'm VERY tight on money right now which is scary since the holidays have started. Remember on top of it being one of the best months of the year October is also Breast Cancer Awareness so show your support for the cure.

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