Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Elections are over

They're over but I'm still avoiding Fbook for a few days because now all the real stupidity starts. Although it is helping with the spring cleaning i'm doing on Fbook where i'm deleting "friends" who I don't even speak too or who just fill my news feed with stupidity.

 It was bad enough during election time people forcing their beliefs and views on you. Seriously on the way to work the other day there was a crowd in the middle of the street across from a voting location holding up signs declaring "vote Romney" and "Fire Obama". FIRST, It was traffic hour get off the roads and banging pots and pans together and waving your signs at our windows while were stuck at a red light will not make us vote for your guy! Second seriously get off the damn road this is Miami where people can't drive you're asking to get run over, just sayin'.

Now that elections are over though are people whining like children about Obama getting a second term and attacking those who supported him. It's never right to be rude and obnoxiousness or  to attack people who don't share your beliefs. If the tables had turned these people would have expected us to stay quiet and accept Romney. I do not like politics honestly and I understand if this isn't the president you wanted. You're entitled to your own opinion and beliefs but don't stomp your feet like a child and be hurtful to those who don't see it your way. We all need to pull together and remember to just be proud of our country not turn against each other.

Again I don't like talking about politics but I'm just getting annoyed of all the stupidity and dramatic ness. Someone actually said they hope the movie 2012 actually happens this year so we don't have to live in a world where Obama is president... Seriously just move out of the country don't wish death and destruction on the rest of us fool!  My ass is not down for  the end of the world. So everyone get the hell along and stop attacking each other or I will throw pineapples.

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