Friday, September 14, 2012

Le French

French tourist+ field trip to the Everglades+ language barrier+ confused 5th graders= The time I was ALMOT Kidnapped by french people.. kind of.. not really..

I've known my Best Friend for almost 10 tears and in those years we have gone through so much. Even though she knows me better than anyone else, even myself we still always have stories to share from time before we were friends. So she wasn't exactly surprised with the French story. I also need to document it before my imagination turns it into a battle of life and death tale.

Text between me and my BF(Nia) that started off with me talking about one of my professors who has an EXTREMELY thick french accent:

ME: Like that time I was almost kidnapped by french people, It's like their plotting against me.
NIA:.... Kidnapped..? O.o
ME: 5th grade+ everglades field trip+ french tourist= bad.
NIA: WTF Kathy!
ME: Well the guy put his arms tightly around mine and this other girls shoulders and his wife pulls out a camera and is all 'picture picture' So they started taking pictures and we tried squirming away but the guy was all ' no no take picture' (and he wouldn't let go!)
NIA" Weirdos!
ME: & I'm pretty sure he started baking up slowly leading us to an unmarked van but then our teacher finally figured out how a head count works and rescued us before we became their american slaves.
Nia: Wow
Me: ..Okay so maybe the unmarked van and Amerian slave part isn't true.. and I might have made it seem 20x more intense but hey! to a 5th grader that shit crazy!
Nia: Figured

Moral of the story... Language barriers, they make things awkward

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