Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bahama Celebration weekend.

I spent Saturday till Monday on a cruise to Freeport in the Bahamas. Although the weather was mostly rainy with minimal sun it was still a very enjoyable mini vacation although I only wish it could have lasted longer.

Saturday we took the 1 1/2 hour drive to Port of West Palm Beach. We took this trip on Bahamas Celebration Cruise Lines. We discovered the cruise line when my best friend snagged a deal for the trip on Groupon. The ship was smaller than Royal Caribbean ( only other cruise I have even been on and have to compare to) but seeing as they mostly just specialize on short weekend cruise where other ships such as RC are meant for 4-6 day trips, it was still a good size and pretty comfortable.
Nia playing with her camera while we had lunch. We DEFINITELY overstuffed ourselves
We  got there around 12pm for the lunch but the ship did not leave port until about 6pm. So Saturday night we got all dressed up and had dinner at the Crystal room followed by going to see a show (all the performers were amazing) then went to the casino for drinks. 

The Crystal room is one of the nicer of the 3 restaurants included in your cruise package. The attire calls for a dress code of collared shirts, slacks and dresses, etc. (although they did not enforce it all. It was just recommended) I was not a 100% crazy over the food there. It wasn't bad but wasn't super great and the whole place seemed over whelmed. Although I really liked their soups and the appetizers and Tiramisu were pretty good. The drinks were pretty good although I didn't really have much the whole trip because they can get pretty pricey.
Awkward what do I do with my hands pose.
The trip to the island was pretty calm or I was just really really tired and we arrived at Freeport at 7am. To rainy cloudy weather.
View of the port in Bahamas from our window. Taken with my phone

I'm still trying to get all the pictures from my friends and the names of the performers so hopefully I will have that by tomorrow so I will end this post with a picture of me making my seductive face.
Attractive yes?

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